How to Make Hair Dye Darker

How to Make Hair Dye Darker – 3 Methods to Make Your Hair Darker


Do you want to know how to make hair dye darker? There are many ways to do so, but some of them may not be safe. One of the safest methods of doing so is through using a special hair dye. This is a must for those who are planning on getting a dark hair color or who are just starting to have their color done.


If you want to get a darker color, there are many things that you can try before you purchase the product to do it. However, if you are unsure what to do, then keep reading because this article will help you find out.

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Use Natural Ingredient’s Products

One of the safest ways to make manic panic hair dye darker is through coloring products that have natural ingredients. These types of products will often contain more chemicals than what you can find in store-bought versions, but these are safer because they use only natural ingredients that can be good for your hair.


When you use a chemical dye, it has more chemicals than natural ingredients. Therefore, you are not going to want to use one that has too many chemicals. You can buy a product that contains a mix of both natural and artificial ingredients, which is safe to use. However, these products will cost you a bit more than the ones that don’t.

Add some Color

Another way to make your color darker is by adding some color to your existing color. This doesn’t mean that you need to dye your entire head of hair, although that may not be possible. In fact, you can do things like add color to some areas of your head, as well as the rest of your hair.


If you want to add some color to your existing hair color, then you should use an alcohol base. When you do this, you will use the same amount of color as when you dye your own hair. You will also need to put some extra in your hair as a protective layer, but this will make it easier to rinse and protect it.

Clean your Containers

Before you begin the coloring process, be sure to thoroughly clean out all of your containers so that there are no traces of the chemicals left behind. It is best to do this before you begin the coloring process to prevent any problems. from occurring later.


So, there you have some methods on how to make the hair darker. if you are ready to take your color up a notch or two, then you can try these methods.

Color with Mineral Oil

The first method on how to make hair dye darker that I will show you is by coloring with mineral oil. This is a natural product, and you can do this on your own at home. By doing this, you will find that you have great results, and that your coloring process takes about an hour to complete.

Mix Ammonia

The second way on how to make hair dye darker that I will show you is by mixing ammonia with a little bit of lemon juice. and applying it to your hair with a brush.

Use Olive Oil

The third way on how to make the hair darker is by using olive oil. This method will give your hair a nice shine, but won’t bleach it. This method will also make your color last longer than other methods that you have seen. This is also the fastest and easiest of the three.

Final Words

By reading up on different hair dye recipes and looking online, you can find many ways to make your color lighter. Just keep in mind that using a chemical dye can be bad for your hair and will damage your hair.


It’s important to keep in mind that when you start to color your hair, you must follow a few simple rules. If you use the methods that are listed above, then you will be fine.


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