What is google gravity?

What is google gravity? One thing is for certain; we all love to see the Google Gravity Effect every now and then. It is simply a prank by Google employees to play on their friends by sending them random search results. This way, they can trick their friends into clicking on links that they know are bogus links. Yes, it is that ridiculous! And if you want to see how the Google gravity effect really works, you should keep reading this article. It will reveal to you all the secrets of Google gravity.

If you are wondering what is Gravity Google? sometimes, these amusing tricks are referred to as Google zero gravity, Gravity Google, and several other similar names. To use these amusing pranks, all you have to be familiar with is a working web browser and the Google zero gravity option. To use this trick, you have to use the Google search engine by typing in any keyword or phrase that you want to appear in Google’s search engine result pages. For example, if you are looking for information on gravity Google, all you have to do is search for Google gravity mirror in your Google search and you will get a list of interesting gravity tricks.

Gravity Google trick No. 1 is to simply type in the keyword or phrase that you want Google to reverse its results and put the page that Google zero gravity has placed at the top of the Google list. For instance, you might search for the word “Google gravity mirror”. Once you have typed this in, Google will drop down a few pages and display the Google gravity mirror. You can then click on the “jackel”, Google will drop down the page you were searching for and the Google “gravity” trick will work perfectly!

What is Gravity Google? This Gravity Google trick is easy and simple, and anyone can do it. All you have to do is to turn the web page you are on upside down using your mouse and wait for Google to drop down the page that Google has placed at the top.

What is  Gravity Google? Google’s website states that the web page will be returned once the page is viewed. So, what is Google Gravity again? This Google gravity trick is an updated version of the first-mentioned trick.

So, what is Google Gravityagain? This Google search engine page is something like Google’s internal jargon that might help webmasters that are trying something new and innovative. If you type in the right keywords as stated by Google, then Google will drop down a web page and display the Google gravity underwater.

What is Google Anti Gravity

What is Google Anti Gravity? This is a new trick that Google employees came up with. The reason behind it is to make the experience of using the Google search engine a little bit more interesting.


If you’ve always enjoyed looking at the way those objects and people in space bounce around, you’ll love looking at Google Anti-Gravity because it will literally float things around. With this simple trick, whatever is in its location at the time of your query will be where it’s supposed to be. It’s an interesting effect, and one that we may see more of in the future. In the mean time, it will give us something to look forward to in the way of fun Google searches. There’s even an animated version of Anti-gravity that you can play on the right hand side of the Google search engine results page.


Google Anti-Gravity is one of many tricks that Google is playing with our perceptions of reality. For instance, you probably have heard about Google Earth, their 3D mapping program. What is more interesting is that they actually take that same concept and extend it to search engine results. Now, instead of seeing cities and other locations flat out, you’ll get a selection of how things are situated in the real world. It’s a cool idea and one that we could see becoming very popular in years to come.


But now there is Google Anti Gravity. This is a brand new game that is fun and intriguing. What’s even better is that it works as an update to Google Earth. You still have to do your searches in Earth, but once you click on the gravity checkbox, you’ll see the floating objects in space. You can fly airplanes, helicopters, yachts, private jets… you get the idea.


One of the coolest features that Google has added to this neat little game is the ability to upload your own tricks. The sky is literally the limit. Just make sure that your trick makes sense, or if you can explain it in a way that a child could understand. This could be a fantastic idea for viral marketing, and a great way to up your blog hits and backlinks.


The only thing that I would make sure to do before trying your own anti gravity tricks is to make sure that your computer is clean. Not many of us understand the physics behind anti gravity, so if your computer is full of junk, then this might be a bad idea. But if you have a perfectly good computer, you’re golden!

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